Welcome to the blog of Dynamic Remedies.Let me introduce Dynamic Remedies. It is an organization or brand that we are developing to provide dynamic solutions to health related issues based on principles of Ayurved.

Who are we?
By education I am a Chartered & Cost Accountant. I always wanted to do something on my own and that too in medical field as I felt that it is only field where we can be of real use to others. So after spending 8/10 years in professional practice I joined an organization which we had already started. That organization eventually went on to create one of the largest chain of ayurvedic clinics in Maharashtra under name of Madhavbaug. My wife (Madhura) who is MD in ayurved was involved in our company to develop formulations along with her independent practice. For some reason we had to start a new chapter in our career. At that time there were many questions, doubts about our future activities. Lots of emotional issues were involved. It took us almost a year or so to come to conclusion and ultimately we decided to develop Dynamic Remedies as brand which was hitherto involved in just production of ayurvedic medicines.

Why Dynamic Remedies?
As CA, we are trained to doubt, question everything, so when we were in planning phase my first doubt was; why to have another company when there are so many companies selling ayurvedic medicines using heavy advertising with one media or another. This question haunted me for long and I was not fully charged up to carry on day to day activities till I got the answer. Slowly and steadily answer emerged. I don’t know if it is final answer but it is certainly good starting point for me.
We decided that we don’t want to just sell medicines but we would like to provide dynamic solutions to health related issues. In India, Ayurved as a topic can compete with Cricket wherein almost each individual has his/her own opinion about ayurvedic medicines. We also observed that in Ayurved most of the medicines are sold over the counter based on advertising or experience of shop owner (which in many cases is influenced by commission he earns) or hearsay. And if we want to promote medicines through doctors then there are few doctors who practice pure ayurved. Every person takes medicines to get him fully cured but most of the companies selling over the counter (OTC) are not really aware if patient gets cured. Here we want to be different. We want to be with patient till he gets cured. We want him to talk to us, work with us to completely remove the problem. Further we want to work with them to prevent recurrence of any disease by following simple rules of ahar (diet), vihar (daily routine), vichar (thought process). We will be making extensive use of technology to manage communication.

Our belief:
We understand massive progress made by modern medicine in diagnostics and surgery. However we firmly believe that ancient system of Ayurved is best suited to treat and prevent modern diseases which are mainly lifestyle oriented. Medicines which are provided by Mother Nature, used since ages are certainly beneficial if taken under consultation of expert in this field.

What this blog is about and what it is not:
Central theme of this blog will be of-course health and how to live healthy and therefore happy life. More specifically it will be my (common man’s) take on various issues relating to various diseases. It will have information about various diseases and how to deal with them. It will be vetted by expert/critic (who else than my doctor wife).It will also deal with common man’s plight in fighting with the disease. It will not be pure academic discussion on disease. Occasionally we may invite experts to write on topic of their or readers interest. I think this is enough to start with.

Let us have your views on our beliefs, thoughts, plans and also may be topic to be covered in this blog.

Cheers for healthy life!!

Atul Bhide