Dynamic Doctor's Community

Today’s world is world of networking, sharing and communication. With the advent of ‘whatsapp’, ‘facebook’ we have virtually come close to each other. To communicate and share on continuous basis has become our necessity, habit.

Everyone seems to be enjoying this. We have started acknowledging the advantages of group, network. Following the same theme, we felt that we should form a community of doctors who believe certain principles. This community should benefit it’s members as well as patients who are the purpose of any doctors existence.

Principles of this community:

  • Patient care is at the core of this community.
  • Holistic approach of ayurveda is best suited to remove the root cause of the disease.
  • Medicines based on simple, easily available herbs should be provided to patients at the lowest possible costs.
  • Belief in sharing and advancing knowledge of ayurved.

If you believe in above, we request you to join the community. Following are some of the advantages that may be available to doctors joining this community.

  1. We receive lot of phone calls on our helpline number. If needed, we can provide reference to close by community member.
  2. We conduct number of check-up camps at various places. Community doctors can make use of these camps to build their patient base.
  3. We conduct number of events for knowledge sharing etc. Community members can participate in these events.
  4. We conduct lot of awareness lectures. Community member can get opportunity to present themselves in front of people.
  5. We may provide name, number listing of community member on our website.
  6. We may provide special schemes on medicines of dynamic remedies.
  7. We may provide opportunity for online counselling.
  8. Online/ offline guidance from experts in this field.
  9. Most unique is possibility to avail financial/ business advice from experts for your practice.

We believe that as community, certain advantages will be available to us. We intend to share these advantages among members. Objective here is to provide benefits of collective strength and win-win situation to all. We believe that in the long run every member will be benefited. These benefits will be subject to our ability and availability and at our sole discretion.

Join the Dynamic Doctor Community