Citamune Syrup is one of the best ayurvedic syrup for immunity & strength in children formulated using different ayurvedic herbs described in ancient ayurved.
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** Please consult a Doctor before taking this medicine.

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    • Giloy & Amla contain antioxidants which are important to strengthen immunity.
    • Adrak helps to reduce the recurrence of infection.
    • Herbs Shatavari and Kushmand being bulky maintain energy levels of your body.
  • Dosage - 10 ml after meals or as directed by physician.
    Health Problem - Helps the body to fight against seasonal infections
    • 10 ml after meals or as directed by physician No need to add water.
    • Citamune syrup is an unique combination of immunity enhancing herbs. This formulation is specially designed to help your child's immunity. It is healthy, tasty and easy to administer. Specially flavored to suite children. Enhanced with Vitamin C rich herbs to protect the immunity.