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This facewash effectively cleanses excess oil without stripping the skin and keeps the moisture intact.
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** Please consult a Doctor before taking this medicine.

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    • Neem Extract penetrates deep into the pores and gives significant results to the skin, getting rid of irritation caused by acne/pimples. It leaves you with flawless skin and also lends a healing touch of natural glow as it clears off all the impurities and acts as a refreshing and soothing agent to your skin.
  • Dosage - Two times a day after moving out in pollution.
    Health Problem - Acne, Pimples & good for oily skin.
    • Before applying any face wash, wet your face with water.Take a small amount of Neem face wash into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together. Apply the Face wash to your face, forehead using gentle circular motions. After you have rubbed face wash into your skin and cleansed your face thoroughly, rinse your face with water.
    • Safe and gentle for all types of skin. No known side effects.