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combination of safe and best hair friendly herbs for hair growth, strong and thick hair.
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    • Asthishrunkhala herb promotes bone health and in turn improves thickness of hair. (Hair being nourished by the bone tissue according to Ayurveda). This also reduces premature greying of hair.
    • Yashtimadhu balances pitta dosha, soothes scalp irritation and hence reduces hairfall. Also improves scalp and hair health.
    • Shatavari is an Adaptogenic herb which helps body to cope with physical and emotional stress. Thus helps to strengthen hair roots and maintains lustre.
  • Dosage - 2-2 tab two times a day.
    Health Problem - Dry and damaged hair, Hair fall.
    • 2-2 tabs two times a day after meals or as directed by Physician
    • Kecal tablet formula is completely Ayurvedic. The herbs used are selected wisely and the proportions used are based on the experience of around 2 decades.