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Gets absorbed easily and provides instant relief from cough , cold, throat discomfort, chronic tonsillitis and loss of appetite.
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    • Mishri (Khadisakhar), Vanshlochan, Pippali, Laghu elaichi (Cardamom), Dalchini (Cinnamon) DALCHINI improves the digestion and reduces kapha. So it is widely used in treatment of cold, cough and other such respiratory conditions.
    • PIPPALI is very effective in releasing mucous in the respiratory system. Soothes nasal congestion and makes breathing easier.
    • ELAICHI acts as an antiseptic, reduces pain and stubborn irritation of throat, and calms the digestive system also.
  • Dosage - 1-3 gms of churna mixed with honey after meals, atleast twice a day.
    Health Problem - Cough, Cold and Sore throat
    • 1-3 gms of churna mixed with honey for better absorption atleast twice a day after meals. Store in a dry place.
    • Excellent Ayurveda medicine Sitopaladi Churna acts as an expectorant and provides relief from cough and cold.