WINOKALPA granules


WINOKALPA granules

Winokalpa granules promotes overall healthy growth in kids. It is a nutritional supplement for growing age.


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** Please consult a Doctor before taking this medicine.

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Product Details

    • Almond & Yashtimadhu improves concentration & grasping power in kids.
    • Herb Bala is good to boost the immunity & keeps your family protected against infections.
    • Kharik & Arjun promotes healthy growth of bones and proper calcium metabolism.
    • Herbs like Shweta Musali, Vidarikand gives nourishment & strength to the muscles.
  • Dosage - 2 tsf with a cup of warm milk in the morning and evening
    Health Problem - For healthy Nourishment of Kids, Very useful for recovering from prolonged illness.
    • Add 2 tsf of Winokalpa granules with warm milk & stir it. Have everyday in the morning and evening. Especially after playing and exercising.
    • Winokalpa is the best herbal preparation especially for kids. Spoon added in the container to ease the consumption. Chemical free and safe combination of herbs.