We believe that medicines should be taken on the basis of advice given by professional expert. We just don’t want to sell medicine over the counter and leave patient on his own. We want to be with patients till they get completely cured. We also want to help patients to prevent diseases. Our medicines are generally prescribed or dispensed by doctors. In case of patients who can’t reach doctors for some reason we make use of technology. We provide patient counseling in following ways.

Tele Counseling:

Tele Counseling
We observe that large number of patients can’t reach doctors and they take medicines based on advice of medicine shop or based on advertisements. We encourage patients to take medicines only on the basis of professional advice. To make it simple we have been using telephone counseling. Our doctors attend calls from patients and give advice to them. We intend to further develop this mode of counseling to include skype counseling as well.

Online Counseling:

Online Counseling
Since internet has reached almost every house and people prefer counseling from the comfort of their home, we have started online counseling. Our trained doctors attend to queries received on line. We hope to develop this mode of communication as well.

Clinical Counseling:

In some cases it is essential to have personal visit and personal checking, in such cases we advise visiting to clinic personally and avail treatments.

Personal Coaching:

Personal Coaching
In cases mere medicines are not sufficient but one to one coaching for prolonged period is required to modify certain aspects of lifestyle. We have specialist in this field who work with clients to achieve desired results.