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Citamune Syrup

Citamune Syrup is one of the best ayurvedic syrup for immunity & strength in children formulated using different ayurvedic herbs described in ancient ayurved. Weight: 150 ml

Citamune Tablet

Citamune tablet is an ayurvedic formulation that help boost the system’s immunity levels and help build body's defence mechanisms. Weight: 60 tab

Corejoy Body Relaxing Massage Oil

Quickly eases muscle pain, tension and swelling and relaxes the body completely. Very effective to rejuvenate and hydrate skin. Calms the body and mind for a restful night's sleep. Weight: 100 ml

Dolorex Plus Oil

Rich in herbs which helps in joints and muscles Weight: 100 ml

Dynamic Almond Night Cream

Ideal for all skin types.Nourishes skin, reduces skin scars and dark spots. Weight: 50 gm

Dynamic Dantamanjan

Dynamic Dantamanjan ,a tooth powder recipe for past 20 years prevents swollen and bleeding gums, pain and tooth decay. Weight: 30 gm

Dynamic Foot Care Cream

This toxin free cream helps hydrate and repair damaged skin cells. Daily application prevents dry and itchy skin and keeps feet soft and smooth. Weight: 50 gm

Dynamic Keshya Oil

Best for hair nutrition and to improve the quality of hair. Weight: 100 ml

Dynamic Neem Face Wash

This facewash effectively cleanses excess oil without stripping the skin and keeps the moisture intact. Weight: 100 ml

Dynamic Pearly Protein Shampoo

Shampoo for dry and damaged hair. This cleans oil, dirt and other impurities from scalp. Weight: 200 ml