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I was having 35 renal stones with tremendous abdominal pain. I took Sane Care’s Calura and got relief from Renal calculus disease.Thank you Sane Care Dynamic Remedies!

Ganesh P. Vidhale

“I was having Chronic cold problem since last 4 yrs. However after taking Symune Syrup & Laxsa Liquid, I got relief from chronic cold & gases disease. And also gain weight by 2.5 Kg. Thank You !

महेश कमलाकर जोशी

बरेच दिवसापासून पोटदुखीचा त्रास होता. साने केअर चे लॅकसा लिक्विड घेतल्याने पोटदुखी थांबून स्वस्थ वाटू लागले.”